2016 Goals

A new year means it’s time for a new set of yearly goals. Below are my Jiu Jitsu goals for 2016.

#1 Master the Kimura

A few years ago I posted a 10th Planet Watch blog post about the importance of having three moves. At the time my three moves were leg locks, the Darce choke, and the Kimura. Over the past few years I have spent a lot of time refining my leg lock game to the point that I’m getting bored by it. It’s time to choose something new to work on. For 2016 I want to focus on mastering the Kimura. I want to learn how to submit and most importantly control my opponents with the Kimura. I also want to focus on using the Kimura to chain my submissions together.

#2 Become a Destroyer of Guards

I’ll admit that learning open guard leg lock attacks have made me lazy. When I get in a situation that I can’t pass someone’s guard I know that I can always fall back for a leg lock. While this has made me dangerous in someone’s full guard, it has also made me very lazy. Instead of focusing on passing the guard I find myself sometimes saying screw it and just jumping back onto a leg lock. This year I want to focus on my passing game. A few years ago I had a decent passing game but recently I seem to have lost most of it.  My ultimate goal would be to have a solid leg lock and passing game. By combining these two parts of my craft I feel that I can become a destroyer of guards.

#3 Check in More Often

At 10th Planet Van Nuys we have been talking a lot about goal setting. Every year I do a good job of setting goals for the year and sticking to them for the first few months. Around May or June I start to deviate from my initial goals and start working on something else. I’m not alone. There is a reason why numerous people fail at accomplishing their New Year’s resolutions.

To combat this I plan on checking in every three months and seeing how I am progressing. During these check ins I’ll also reassess my goal and see if I need to modify anything. If necessary I’ll even set some short term goals to help me reach my main goal for the year.

So there you have it. My 2016 Jiu Jitsu goals. I would encourage you to set a few goals for yourself and to check in on them periodically to see how you are doing.

2015 Goals Check In

It’s the end of the year which means it’s time to check in on my 2015 Jiu Jitsu goals. It was a year of highs and lows. This year I was able to grow in certain areas and realize that I really need to work on others. Before I post my goals for 2016 I wanted to look back at my 2015 goals and reflect on how I did.


I can confidently say that I achieved this goal. While I didn’t earn my brown belt, I did receive the last two stripes on my purple belt. Since my last stripe was in August it’s safe to say that 2016 will probably be the year I earn my brown belt. In my next blog post I’ll share how my 2016 goals are going to help me work towards my brown belt.


I did it! I was able to document my training in a paper based notebook. For the first few months of the year I kept up with the detailed format that I got from Jiu Jitsu magazine. Towards June my journals turned into 1 paragraph stream of conscious thoughts about my training. Even though the less detailed format didn’t contain as much information about my training, I did find myself being more honest in the 1 paragraph format. I also found that I was able to pin point exactly what I needed to document. I plan on keeping up this habit in 2016.


Ehhh…So I somewhat accomplished this. I found myself going through spurts with my blog posts. I would post for a few weeks in a row and then not post for a month or two. Even though I didn’t post as much, I did post several detailed breakdowns of various positions and submissions. In 2016 I want to continue to use this format.

There you have it. My 2015 goals check in. If you have not had a chance to reflect on your 2015 goals I suggest doing so before the end of the year.

Leg Entanglements

As I continue to dive deeper and deeper into leg locks I have become fascinated with the concepts behind leg locks. One concept that I was recently introduced with is the four types of leg entanglements. By combining these four entanglements you can theoretically create any leg locking position.

Entanglement #1

Inside the Guard

Eddie Cummings in the Ashi Garami

Eddie Cummings in the Ashi Garami

The first entanglement is based on your body positioning. In this entanglement your body is on the inside of your opponent’s guard. A few positions that use this entanglement are Ashi Garami , Double Outside Ashi, The Clamp, and The Knot.

Entanglement #2

Outside the Guard

The 4/11, Saddle, Top Rock, etc.

The 4/11, Saddle, Top Rock, etc.

The second type of entanglement is also based on your body positioning. For this entanglement you are sitting outside of your opponent’s guard. A few positions that use this entanglement are the 411/Saddle/Top Rock and the 50/50 guard.

Entanglement #3

Legs on the Outside 


Ryan Hall in the 50/50 Guard.

The third type of leg entanglement focuses on where your legs are. For the sake of the concept, we will define leg positioning based on your opponent’s hips. For this entanglement both of your legs are on the outside of your opponent’s hips. A few positions that use this entanglement are the Double Outside Ashi and the 50/50 Guard.

Entanglement #4

Legs on the Inside

Reilly Bodycomb showing off the Knot position.

The final leg entanglement position is when you have your legs on the inside of the guard.  Having your legs on the inside of the guard does not mean that you are reaping. Placing your foot on your opponent’s hip also counts as having your legs on the inside. A few positions that use this entanglement are the Ashi Garami, The Clamp, The Wedge, and the Knot.

For more on this concept I suggest checking out the video below. In the video Robert Biernack does a great job of breaking down the four types of entanglements and how they can be used to create any leg locking positions. Professor Rob also shows a flow drill that you can use to move in between the different positons.