North South Choke: 10th Planet Van Nuys

In this clip head instructor of 10th Planet Van Nuys Alder Hampel goes over a small detail on the north south choke that helps to expose the neck. We have been covering this detail at 10th Planet Van Nuys for the past two weeks and it has really helped the amount of North South Chokes that are … Continue reading North South Choke: 10th Planet Van Nuys

Jeff Monson North South Choke

As we continue at 10th Planet Van Nuys to work on our North South positioning I wanted to share another variation of the North South Choke. Alder taught this choke earlier in the week and I am loving it. The crossing of your hands underneath the head helps tighten up the choke and makes it … Continue reading Jeff Monson North South Choke

Marcelo Garcia North South Choke

This week at 10th Planet Van Nuys we are covering the north south position. In fundamentals we will be covering all of the basic control and escape positions that a fundamentally sound BJJ player will need to know. Over the next few days I will be posting some videos from various instructors that show some different … Continue reading Marcelo Garcia North South Choke