Reverse Spider Web Position Study

Reverse Spider Web Position

Today I wanted to dissect a new 10th Planet position…Reverse Spider Web. Regular Spider Web is one of Eddie Bravo’s core positions in the 10th Planet system. I have used it for years and really like it. Eddie came up with the name Spider Web because he felt that once he got some one into this position, that they were a fly in a spiders web. From regular Spider Web Eddie has developed a system that you can go for submission after submission without ever compromising your position.

Given my love of the regular Spider Web, I was intrigued when I first heard about Reverse Spider Web. Reverse Spider Web is a position that 10th Planet Black Belt Nathan Orchard has been using recently to win several tournaments. The position is very similar to regular Spider Web with one slight modification. Instead of controlling your opponent’s leg, you use both hands to attack the Kimura grip on his trapped arm……Ohh and of course its reversed.


Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.47.01 AM

One of the keys to this position is controlling your opponent’s posture. To keep your partner broken down you need to use a combination of knee pinching and leg curls. If you are a spider web player already this should be an easy transition. If you do not play spider web think of this control like an armbar from guard. When you armbar from guard you use your knee pinch to isolate and control the arm. Your leg curls help keep your opponent’s head down so they can not just hulk out of the move.

In the video below Orchard shows several different set ups for reverse spider web.My favorite set up from the video was Orchard’s transition from traditional spider web to reverse spider web. What I really like about it is that you can bait your opponent into this position. One of the common escapes from spider web is to get your elbow to the mat. Normally once that elbow his the mat a scramble ensues to see who can gain control. With reverse spider web once the elbow hits the mat you can continue to attack. The gif below shows how simple of a transition this is.


animation (2)


As I continue to drill and roll I am seeing this position pop up more and more. I would highly recommend everyone at least play around with this position a bit and see if it works for them. Like everything in jiu jitsu it’s worth at least trying it before you dismiss it.

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