Who says size matters? Pt 4 – The Final Chapter

Just a slight size difference.

In pt 4 of our series on being the big guy in your gym, I offer 3 of my favorite submissions that every big guy Jiu Jitsu player should know. Even if you are the small guy at your gym, I suggest learning all three of this submissions as they are fundamental subs that should be part of every good Jiu Jitsu player’s arsenal.

1. Kimura 

One of my favorite Kimuras.

The Kimura is referred to as “A Big Guy” move. It is one of those moves you can apply technically or apply with immense strength. Many top players believe that Kimuras only work for larger players. While I disagree with that statement I do believe that the Kimura is a great move for larger people to learn and can be done with technique regardless of size. Anyone who has read my blog knows that I am a big fan of technical set ups vs gorilla set ups. If you need some help with your Kimuras check out Gabe Calvento’s article “5 Tips To Finish The Kimura.”

2. Americana 

One of my favorite Americanas.

Much like the Kimura, the Americana is a great move for big guys because you can use your size, strength, and technique. While size and strength can get you the tap, technique again will always getting the win. One of my keys to succes with the Americana is to bring their elbow to their belly button. Doing this will make their shoulder super tight and require very little effort to get the tap. This is an awesome method to tap big guys too because most of us do not have flexible shoulders.

3. Side Choke 

One of my favorite Side Chokes.

The side choke is one of those times when being big actually works to your advantage! One of the keys to finishing this choke is to make sure that you flatten your body so that your head and chest are touching the mat. Larger players have a distinct advantage here because before they lower their body they are already smashing their opponents. By lowering their bodies it makes the choke that much more devastating. Just check out any of former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett’s recent victories.


Sadly that brings us to the end of our series on Big Guy Jiu Jitsu. I hope you have enjoyed reading the past four articles. If you have any questions about them please hit me up on Twitter or stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys and say hi!

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