Countering the Ankle Lock with a Knee Compression

As people get better with their leg control and transitions, it is becoming harder than ever to escape. Once you think you are free, people quickly switch to another form of control. In situations like this your only hope is to look for a submission of your own. One of my favorite ankle lock counters … Continue reading Countering the Ankle Lock with a Knee Compression


The Calf Slicer by Sean Roberts

Before the Danaher Death Squad was making waves with their numerous leg lock finishes ,Ralph Gracie Black Belt Sean Roberts used his devastating calf slicer to submit numerous opponent's in Lloyd Irvin's BJJ Kumite.  Roberts was able to use his calf slicer to gain several quick submissions. In the video below Roberts shows three ways to set up … Continue reading The Calf Slicer by Sean Roberts

Leg Entanglements

As I continue to dive deeper and deeper into leg locks I have become fascinated with the concepts behind leg locks. One concept that I was recently introduced with is the four types of leg entanglements. By combining these four entanglements you can theoretically create any leg locking position. Entanglement #1 Inside the Guard The … Continue reading Leg Entanglements