White Belt Positions and Submissions

The Darce, the Kimura, and any sort of leg lock are my go to subs when I roll. When rolling with anyone at my level or below I feel very confident in using one of these subs because I feel like I can apply them at a  purple belt level.  So what about the other submissions? I still go for other submissions but l I’ll be the first to admit that I am still a white belt at some of them. I know that my guillotine, north south choke, and armbar from guard are no where near purple belt worthy.  To me these are all white belt subs that I need to work on.

3rd Degree Black Belt Eddie Bravo

So what is a white belt move exactly?  A white belt move to me is  a position or submission that you don’t feel is up to par with the rest of your game. These are your positions or subs that you don’t always go for because you are not exactly confident in them or truly understand how they work. These are the moves that you should be drilling and trying to learn. There is no shame in having a white belt position or submission. Even 3rd degree black belt Eddie Bravo has admitted in the past that some of his submissions are still at a blue belt level…… and he’s a 3rd degree black belt!


One more for the bad guy.

This month I am going to be focusing on one of my white belt moves. I’ll be the first to admit that my  guillotine sucks. I can count on two hands the amount of times I have finished guillotines. My goal is that as I roll this month I am going to be looking to apply a guillotine whenever I can. I’ll also be doing some research into different types of grips, set ups, and finishing theories and drilling what I learn with my training partners.  My hope is that by focusing on guillotines I can at least bump up my guillotine to a blue belt level.

So I told you my white belt move….What’s yours?

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