Controlling the Lock Down

When done right, the Lock Down can stop your opponent from moving. The goal of the Lock Down is to completely control your opponent’s leg. So how can you do this? Well first off you need to establish the Lock Down (for more information on getting the Lock Down please check out my post from yesterday). So that’s it right? Just get the position! Wrong. Once you have locked in the Lock Down there are three things you can do with your legs to help ensure that you maintain and control the Lock Down.

1. Pinch Your Knees

When using the lockdown you need to pinch your knees together. Pinching the knees together is a great way to stop your opponent from being able to wiggle their knee free and look for the No Hands Pass or any other half guard pass they may know. The idea behind this is very similar to the idea behind an armbar. You never would try and armbar someone with loose knees. So why would you lock someone down with loose knees?

2. Extend your Legs


I mentioned the No Hands pass earlier because it is one of the most popular ways to pass the lockdown. One of the keys to that pass in particular is to smash your opponent. If you extend your legs your partner’s whole body will move down towards your feet. This is crucial because it takes away the ability of the top player to smash his shoulder down into your face. No smash = no pass = Solid Lock Down.

3. Curl your toes up


This last step is probably the most overlooked step. Some guys when they play the Lock Down forget to curl their toes. Curling the toes makes it difficult for your opponent to unlock the Lock Down. If your opponent can unlock the Lock Down they have options. If they can’t, they get frustrated which usually leads to you getting the sweep or sub!

If you want to learn more about the Lock Down make sure to stop by my 10th Planet Van Nuys Fundamentals class this month. I am going to share several other secrets in that class that won’t be available online!

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