Guard Pass Counter to a Darce

As I mentioned early I am currently drilling Darce chokes in my race to 10,000 reps over at 10th Planet Van Nuys. With that being said I have been on a hunt for some new and creative ways to hit the Darce. In the video below Jeff Glover shows an awesome guard pass counter to … Continue reading Guard Pass Counter to a Darce

My New Favorite Darce From Side Control

While researching for some new moves to drill for my 10th Planet Van Nuys fundamentals class I came across this variation of the Darce from side control. One thing that I really like about this variation is that your weight is constantly kept on your opponent and really gives them no room to escape. Myself and 10th Planet White Belt Arno … Continue reading My New Favorite Darce From Side Control

Darce Choke From Side Control

While I was gone on my honeymoon Mike "Lobes" Frausto covered my my 10th Planet Van Nuys fundamentals class. While I was gone they covered how to get the Darce Choke from Side Control. The video below follows one of my favorite Darce set ups  introduced me to a new way to finish the choke. Typically … Continue reading Darce Choke From Side Control