So You Can’t Train? Part 2

Continue Going To Class! Ok so I lied. I still went to the gym. Yes it sucked having to sit on the sidelines and not being able to drill and roll but it gave me a different perspective on the curriculum. Since I couldn't drill the moves myself I was able to watch my training partners and … Continue reading So You Can’t Train? Part 2

So You Can’t Train? Part 1

Let's face it...not training sucks. There are a plethora of reasons that we can't train. Injury, vacation, family, school, work, holidays, etc. It seems like for every reason to train, we have at least two reasons not to train that day. Just because you can't make it into the gym doesn't mean that you can't train.  … Continue reading So You Can’t Train? Part 1

Monthly Training Goal Setting

Setting goals is crucial if you ever want to be successful in Jiu Jitsu. While it is true that you can improve by coming to class and just going with the flow, I have found that I really see improvements in my self and in my training partners when we set goals for our training. For most … Continue reading Monthly Training Goal Setting