Shinya Aoki – Japanese Necktie

As I have mentioned before the Darce is one of my favorite chokes. When I first started learning the Darce Choke one of the hardest parts of locking in the choke was shooting the uppercut. I would grab my vice grip and toss my opponent over but could not get that stupid uppercut! Then my coach at the time showed me the Japanese Necktie and my approach to the Darce changed. In the video below Japanese MMA Superstar (and owner of the most amazing submission pants ever) Shinya Aoki teaches his variation on the Japanese Necktie. Even though the video is in Japanese I really like the solo drill that Aoki shows to develop the body movements needed to finish the Japanese Necktie….Ohhh did I mention that this month at 10th Planet Van Nuys we are drilling this exact move? We’ll we are so stop by and check out a class!

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