No Gi Closed Guard Breaking and Passing Tactics From Jean Jacques Machado

Let’s be honet…..

passing the guard is difficult!

At the highest levels of the game a guard pass can be the difference between a victory and a defeat. Knowing this, the advanced class at 10th Planet Van Nuys has been drilling all sorts of guard passing variations. While it is awesome to have 200+ moves in your arsenal, it does not really matter if you do not have the fundamentals. In the video below Jiu Jitsu icon Jean Jacques Machado breaks down his philosophy when it comes to passing the guard in no gi grappling. I really really really like the three things that Jean Jacques says you need to worry about before passing the guard. A good posture, having good balance, and staying safe is wayyyyyy more important that than getting a pass. To many times in class I see guys going for guard passes that don’t have one of these three things and boom..They get caught or reversed. So enjoy the video below and I’ll see you on the mats!

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