A Special Thanksgiving Leg Lock – The Turkey Wrap

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, friends, family, and leg locks. In today’s video Coach Chris Herzog of 10th Planet Rochester fame shows off a very fun leg lock that can be used when your are playing an open guard game. While I personally don’t really use this leg lock I definitely see it having a place in my game. Over the past few months I have become really good at sliding in and securing the clamp if my opponent plants his left foot on the mat. Knowing that the slide heel hook is coming, many of my training partners have started to base on their left foot. This kills my slide and used to make me have to stop thinking about attacking the legs. With the Turkey Wrap I now can have a leg lock option when my partner posts his right leg up. I really like how Coach Herzog points out that you can force your partner to fall into the Turkey Wrap position by pushing off the knee. Pushing off the knee is a great way to get my opponent off balance and allow him to enter my trap. I also like how you can apply a rear naked choke grip to the legs to secure a super tight leg lock. I could see this type of grip making the leg lock almost impossible to defend.

If you would like to discuss the Turkey Wrap please leave a comment below or email me at Coach_Ryan@10thplanetvannuys.com. Happy Thanksgiving!

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