Toe Hold from the Mount

I’ll admit at first I was skeptical of this move. I read the title to the YouTube Video and rolled my eyes. A Toe Hold from the mount…….Here we go again. Another whacky Jiu Jitsu tutorial video…..and then I looked at who was teaching it and hit play.

If you are not familiar with Erik Paulson please do yourself a favor and Google his name. Erik is a legend in both MMA and Submission Wrestling. Paulson is one of those guys that when he says something I listen and try it even if I don’t think it’s going to work. Erik is a master of leg locks who can find a leg lock from any position. Even the mount.

In the video below Erik Paulson talks about how this move is a 50/50 move. It may work or it may not work. One of the keys that will help up your chances of using this move is to hook your opponent’s head. Hooking the head will prevent him from bridging up into you and sweeping you over.

Even if I couldn’t get the submission from this move, I could see myself using it as a means to set up other moves. If my opponent had a tight T-Rex and I couldn’t attack his arms I would go for this Toe Hold. Using this Toe Hold would accomplish one of two things. Either I  get the tap or I make it uncomfortable enough that my partner opens up and gives me the space I need to attack his upper body.

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