Arm Drag from Open Guard to Guillotine by Ken Primola

I like combinations. Chicken and rice, burgers and fries, and of course Arm Drag‘s to submissions! Today’s video is the same arm drag that we looked at yesterday but with an added twist. In the video Ken Primola shows a great option that any one who uses the Arm Drag should have in their arsenal.

Sometimes when I use the Arm Drag I just can’t find my way to the back. Either my partner scoots his away from me, my initial drag isn’s strong enough, or he just really good at defending the Arm Drag. So what do I do then? Do I just abort the situation? No way! I worked hard for my position so now I want to submit!

The key detail for me in the video below is making sure that you that you can clear your bottom arm. I could definitely see myself getting caught here and missing the opportunity to hit the Guillotine. One key that I noticed Ken briefly talked about was to look for when your opponent tries to square up with you. If you are able to catch the head before they square up with you they are in a real bad place and can get choked!

Again this month we will be working on our Arm Drags in both the fundamental and advanced 10th Planet Van Nuys classes. The Arm Drag is a super powerful move and if you want to get better at it you need to come down ASAP and learn it!

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