Scissor Takedown to Heel Hook (Revisited)

Wanted to take a few minutes to revisit another old blog post I did about the scissor takedown to a heel hook. In his recent fight with Jim Miller, UFC fighter and amazing Jiu Jitsu player Joe “JLo” Louzan went for a variation of this set up. It was awesome to see the same moves that I am drilling and trying to understand be used at such a high level of competitition. Even though Joe was not able to finish his Heel Hook it was still awesome to see the entrance being used! Ok time for the old post!

This past Wednesday at 10th Planet Van Nuys we were treated to a special seminar on leg locks by 10th Planet Black Belt and Orochon Ramen kingpin Shigeki Matsuva. During the seminar Shigeki showed us some awesome standing entrances into leg locks. My favorite that he showed was the scissor sweep into an inside heel hook. This set up into the heel hook is one of the most famous set ups because of Anderson Silva vs Ryo Chonan. In a last minute desperation move Chonan jumped up for a scissor attack and ended up taking down Anderson and heel hooking him for the tap. This is significant because that was the last legitimate time that Anderson Silva lost. In the video below leg lock specialists Reilly Bodycomb shows his variation of the scissor sweep into heel hook. I know I plan on drilling this one. If it’s good enough to beat the best in the world it’s good enough for me!

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