Eddie Cummings Talking About Heel Hooks

I recently found out about Eddie Cummings due to his participation in the Gracie Nationals and upcoming EBI tournament. From what I have seen he looks like an excellent leg locker that truly understands the leg attack game. After watching the video below I became a huge fan of his perspective on training heel hooks.

In the video Eddie talks about the “dangers” of heel hooks. I put dangers in quotes because much like Eddie, I too believe that it is the person who is dangerous not the heel hook. In the past I even wrote an article about playing heel hooks safely. I really liked how Eddie talks about education being the biggest reason why heel hooks injury people. It makes sense. If we don’t teach people what a heel hook is, there is no possible way for them to understand the proper defense. In other words don’t be scared of the heel hook. Be aware and knowledgable of how it works,

After all of the heel hook talk, Eddie also drops a few more words of wisdom. I really liked Eddie’s system for analyzing when he should let go of a submission. This is a perspective that I wish more people had. So enough talking about the video…… Go watch the video already!

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