Garry Tonon Kimura from 1/2 Guard

As I continue my journey into mastering the kimura I am loving the fact that you can get the kimura from anywhere. Today I wanted to look at one of my favorite set ups form the half guard. In the video below Garry Tonnon breaks down how he sets up the kimura from half guard. This is a great set up to learn if you are looking to use the kimura as a transition from the bottom to the top.

I really like the way that Garry baits his opponent into giving him their arm. I played around with this the other night while rolling at it works really well. I was able to use the cross face counter against one of my training partners and secure a tight grip. You can sometimes grab the arm without using the duck under but what I like about the duck under is that your opponent is forced to give up their arm.

The crux of this move in my opinion is getting your butterfly hook in. I have been able to successfully grab the kimura grip several times in this position but find myself stuck on the bottom because I can not move my opponent around. Getting your butterfly hook gives you a tool that you can use to move your opponent around. The butterfly is also huge for sweeping.

I really like how Garry breaks down how he creates space with a bridge and shrimp. It is times like this where all of the hours spent doing fundamental movements pays off. If you are like me and are not super flexible this is a great way to get the butterfly hook in.

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