Leg Weave Pass by Craig Jones

I recently purchased Craig Jones’ How to Pass Guards Quickly and Easily Using Leg Attacks instructional from BJJ Fanatics (link to purchase the video). On the first DVD, Jones spends time covering some of his favorite passes and then uses the second DVD to show how you can link leg attacks and passing to keep your opponent guessing. I really am enjoying the set and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to attack the guard with passes and leg locks. In the video below Craig Jones shows one of my favorite passes from the DVD set, the leg weave.

After trying this pass out in class I found a key to making this pass work. Make sure that you use your toes to hook onto the butterfly hook leg. The first few times I tried this pass I had a lazy hook and my partner was able to easily pummel their leg free. Using your toes to hook the leg seems to be able to help you with control by adding some extra tension to their leg by torquing their knee outward. This tension is key for helping complete the pass. The gif below shows how a simple flexing of the toes can make a big difference.

A strong hook also makes it easy to pin the leg down when you go to knee on belly. Keeping the leg pinned down is crucial for making sure that you don’t get caught in 1/2 guard. In the gif below Jones’ shows how to complete the pass with a strong hook.

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