2022 Focus Areas

Another year and another set of focus areas.

This marks the first year in a long time that I don’t have “Make progress towards Black Belt” which feels pretty good.

Even though I am now a black belt, I still know that there is so much to learn.

Below are the three areas that I want to focus my training on this year.


As a fan of Jake the Snake Roberts I always liked the Front Headlock. (insert DDT joke here)

Around last September I decided that I wanted to play around with the front headlock.

I had watched a few instructionals about the position when I was not training and I figured it was time to put that knowledge to use.

As I continue to play with this position, I am now starting to see how powerful the front headlock position is when you are on top.

The position offers tons of entries to subs, taking the back, and guard passes.

Similar to the Kimura, I want to spend some time figuring out how the front headlock works and how it can be a part of my top game.

This of course leads me into my next focus area.


When I was a blue belt I had a pretty decent Darce choke. For a while, the Darce choke was one of my go-to chokes.

Around purple belt, I got really into the head and arm/arm triangle/side choke. I found multiple ways to enter and finish the choke that I still use today when the opportunity arises.

Then I decided to deep dive into Kimuras. While my kimura game got stronger, my choke game did not.

Now that I am a black belt I want to get back into chokes.

So far most my current tape study has revolved around understanding the guillotine.

I really want to focus on the arm in guillotine because it’s a strong choke AND you can transition to other chokes easily from this position.

I think if I am able to finally figure out the guillotine this year that it can be a powerful part of my overall game.


For most of 2020 and 2021 I choose not to train due to Covid concerns.

Then in June of 2021 I started training again.

Outside of a summer family trip, my training has been pretty consistent.

Then omicron hit….and I’m once again taking a break due to my youngest child not being vaccinated.

My hope (probably like 99% of the world) is that we are starting to enter the end of the pandemic and that I can get back to a regular training schedule and life.

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