Leg Entanglements

As I continue to dive deeper and deeper into leg locks I have become fascinated with the concepts behind leg locks. One concept that I was recently introduced with is the four types of leg entanglements. By combining these four entanglements you can theoretically create any leg locking position. Entanglement #1 Inside the Guard The … Continue reading Leg Entanglements

Marcelo Garcia – Single Leg X Sweeps

Finishing a submission is a great but what do you do when you can't finish a submission? When playing leg locks my first option when I can't finish a submission is to transition to a new position. I am particularly fond of any sort of sweep that can put me on top of my opponent. … Continue reading Marcelo Garcia – Single Leg X Sweeps

Garry Tonon – Triangle Escape With Leg Lock Finish

When I first started training Jiu Jitsu I hated the triangle choke from guard. It seemed like everyone I rolled with was triangle choking me from the guard. It drove me crazy. It wasn't until someone broke down how to properly defend a triangle that I started to understand what I was doing wrong. I … Continue reading Garry Tonon – Triangle Escape With Leg Lock Finish