Garry Tonon – Triangle Escape With Leg Lock Finish

When I first started training Jiu Jitsu I hated the triangle choke from guard. It seemed like everyone I rolled with was triangle choking me from the guard. It drove me crazy. It wasn’t until someone broke down how to properly defend a triangle that I started to understand what I was doing wrong. I was keeping my head down and making it easy for my opponent to close their legs. I should have been posturing up and moving my head back as far as I can before pushing down on their hips to break their legs apart.

animation (5)

When trying this escape you need to make sure to get your hips under your opponent’s hips.

In the video below Garry Tonon shows how you can chain this escape and a leg lock together. What I really like about the video is how Garry talks about how posture is not enough to protect your neck. To make this an effective escape you need to place your hips under his hips. Doing this helps stop your opponent from crunching you down.

I have played around with this escape to a leg lock and so far I like it. I personally like the transition to the straight ankle lock. I really like the extra control that the ankle lock grip provides me.  If my opponent scrambles I can always use the ankle grip to sit up and put myself in a passing position. If not I can slide my wrist back and start working on my ankle lock. Regardless of the finish, this is a move that you should definitely check out.

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