Cael Sanderson Ankle Pick

If you don't know who Cael Sanderson is please hold control/command and press T on your keyboard to open up a new tab. Go to and type in his name. Go ahead. No rush....I'll wait. Ok I'll spoil it. When it comes to wrestling Cael Sanderson is the man. When it comes to Ankle … Continue reading Cael Sanderson Ankle Pick

Marcelo Garcia Ankle Pick Takedown

This month at 10th Planet Van Nuys we are going to be working on the Ankle Pick Takedown. UFC fans will probably recognize the Ankle Pick takedown as the takedown that former heavyweight and light heavyweight UFC champion Randy Couture used to takedown James Toney at UFC 118. The Ankle Pick is a very cool looking takedown that can work at all levels … Continue reading Marcelo Garcia Ankle Pick Takedown