Marcelo Garcia Ankle Pick Takedown

This month at 10th Planet Van Nuys we are going to be working on the Ankle Pick TakedownUFC fans will probably recognize the Ankle Pick takedown as the takedown that former heavyweight and light heavyweight UFC champion Randy Couture used to takedown James Toney at UFC 118. The Ankle Pick is a very cool looking takedown that can work at all levels of the game.

In the video below Jiu Jitsu master Marcelo Garcia shows his variation of the Ankle Pick. One of the keys to the takedown that stood out to me is how Marcelo pulls the leg to the side instead of straight up. By pulling to the side you can sweep your opponent over which would make the takedown easier to finish.

I also like how Marcelo talks about keeping control of the head as you go for the takedown.  By controlling the head, you are able to control your opponent’s movements. Holding the head will also help you fold your opponent in half when you go for the takedown. I also really like how Marcelo uses the head control to transition around his opponent. This seems like a great way to control and dictate the tone of the match.

If you want to learn more about the Ankle Pick Takedown or any of the other concepts shared in the video below, visit! We will be drilling the Ankle Pick Takedown all month and testing on it at the end of the month so make sure to stop by and get some reps in!

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