Rafael Mendes Anaconda Choke

The Anaconda Choke is one of my favorite chokes for no gi grappling. In today's video Rafael Mendes breaks down how he hits the anaconda choke from half guard. Since it's the Mendes Brothers this anaconda choke is both flashy but also something that I could see myself adding to my game. What I really like … Continue reading Rafael Mendes Anaconda Choke

North South Choke: 10th Planet Van Nuys Revisited

Wanted to revisit this old post since we are covering the North South this month at 10th Planet Van Nuys. In this clip head instructor of 10th Planet Van Nuys Alder Hampel goes over a small detail on the north south choke that helps to expose the neck. We have been covering this detail at 10th Planet Van … Continue reading North South Choke: 10th Planet Van Nuys Revisited