Rafael Mendes Anaconda Choke

The Anaconda Choke is one of my favorite chokes for no gi grappling. In today’s video Rafael Mendes breaks down how he hits the anaconda choke from half guard. Since it’s the Mendes Brothers this anaconda choke is both flashy but also something that I could see myself adding to my game.

What I really like about Rafael’s set up is how he creates space between his opponent and himself prior to looking for the choke by moving his knee out. This is a great way to make your opponent come to you and as Rafael points out gives you more time to set up your choke. I really liked this detail. Once Rafael pointed that out I had a “Why didn’t I think of that moment”. It makes sense. Instead of trying to dig your arm into position with the little space you may have when crowding the guy on the bottom why not create space to make it easier.

I also really enjoyed how Rafael uses his free foot to escape the half guard when he rolls. Coach Alder taught us a very simliar kimura based technique that also uses this type of escape. At first I had my doubts about how effective it was but after using it a few times I was sold. It’s a very simple yet effective escape.

I suggest watching this video a few times to truly take in the info. There are a ton of details and really good concepts that you might skip over at first. Enjoy the choke!

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