So Last Night Sucked

So I'll just say it. Last night sucked. Coach Alder's 10th Planet Van Nuys class was fun. We learned a few new variations of the head and arm choke as well as reviewed the north south choke. I also was finally able to start to really understand the body mechanics needed to complete the wrestlers … Continue reading So Last Night Sucked

Monthly Training Goal Setting

Setting goals is crucial if you ever want to be successful in Jiu Jitsu. While it is true that you can improve by coming to class and just going with the flow, I have found that I really see improvements in my self and in my training partners when we set goals for our training. For most … Continue reading Monthly Training Goal Setting

Wait……..I Can Roll And Not Care About Winning?

As I talked about with the Commandments for Rolling, letting go of your ego and pride is a big part of succeeding in Jiu Jitsu. One way at 10th Planet Van Nuys that we practice letting go of our ego is by having egoless rolls. An egoless roll is when you go about 20-30% and slow the game … Continue reading Wait……..I Can Roll And Not Care About Winning?