So Last Night Sucked

So I’ll just say it. Last night sucked. Coach Alder’s 10th Planet Van Nuys class was fun. We learned a few new variations of the head and arm choke as well as reviewed the north south choke. I also was finally able to start to really understand the body mechanics needed to complete the wrestlers hip toss….So with all of these ups why did class suck?

Basically I was out of it when it came to rolling. I had about 5 rolls and each time for whatever reason couldn’t implement my game. Guys who normally don’t pass my guard were passing. Guys who I normally crush were crushing me! On my car ride home last night I kept asking myself what happened? What was I doing wrong?

The truth is I was doing nothing wrong….This is jiu jitsu. Some days are good and some days are not so good. The path to progression in jiu jitsu is not a straight line. You will have ups and you will have downs. You will have periods of being on fire were you smash and submit everyone and you will have periods were you feel like a grappling dummy.

The key to getting over these slumps is to stay consistent. Even if you are getting smashed still come to class, still train, still put forth an effort. Yes it will be frustrating at times but it’s worth it. Mastery of jiu jitsu or anything for that matter does not happen over night. According to most experts in order to master something you must complete 10,000 hours of that activity. How are you going to even get close to that number if you quit after two hours one night because some white belt held you in side control?

The first time Marcelo Garcia rolled I’m sure he was smashed. The first time former Forrest Griffin stepped into the cage he lost. The difference between both of them and most people is that they stuck with it. After days, months, and years of training both have become world champions in their respective sports. So when you feel like “Man all I am is a grappling dummy for these guys”, stick with it. The more mat time you get, the more techniques you learn, and the more you get into the jiu jitsu mindset the better you will get.

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