My Recent JiuJitsu Gift To Myself

Over at 10th Planet Van Nuys  we talk a lot about the research and development aspect of Jiu Jitsu. Many of us at 10th Planet Van Nuys  are obsessed with Jiu-Jitsu and don’t get our “fix” when we are in class. We are constantly searching for more and more content. One way that I like to help get my “fix” is through supplemental instruction via dvds and books. I recently picked up Jiu-Jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro. While this book is very Gi heavy, it definitely has numerous applications to the no gi game as well.

I am really enjoying the white and blue belt chapters. The white belt chapter focuses solely on survival. As a white belt your number one priority should be survival. Even as a blue belt when I roll with higher belts I focus on survival. I challenge my self to see how long I can last with a higher belt. The blue belt chapter focuses solely on escapes. Over the next few weeks in my fundamentals class at 10th Planet Van Nuys  we are going to really practice these techniques. While they are not the most fun in the world, they are perhaps the most important. Without the ability to survive and to escape you will not succeed in Jiu-Jitsu.

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