American Olympic Gold Medalist Kendall Cross – Inside Trip

At 10th Planet Van Nuys this month we are learning the inside trip takedown. This is a very effective takedown that can be used in various combat sports. Plus it looks really cool and feels cool to hit it!

In today’s video American Olympic Gold Medalist Kendall Cross shows his take on the inside trip. One of my favorite parts of this tutorial is that that Kendall spends a lot of time focusing on the importance of leg positioning. I really like how Kendall takes a small step before he shoots his leg in for the trip. When I first tried this takedown I was having a hard time shooting my leg in because I was too far out. By taking that small stutter step it eliminates the distance and makes it easier to shoot your leg in.

I also really liked how Kendall pointed out that you need to use your hips to finish the takedown. This is an area that I feel like I need to work on. Using your hips to finish takedowns can be a great way to eliminate the need for strength. In this takedown in particular, the use of hip movement is key in order to topple your opponent.

If you want to learn more about the Inside Trip Takedown make sure to stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys this month. Coach Alder has a few details he is sharing with us that can make your takedowns killer!

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