Rubber Guard Toe Hold??!?!?!

I know. I know. How is this possible? How in the world can you get a Toe Hold from Rubber Guard? Ok… I kind of lied. Sorry. In today’s video we are going to look at how to hit the Toe Hold from an Omoplata. To be fair though, you can set this up from the Omoplata from Mission Control. In fact I used to set this move up with the Rubber Guard because the last thing your opponent is thinking about when he is in your Rubber Guard is his legs.

In my last post about the Toe Hold I mentioned that only one Toe Hold has been finished in the UFC. Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir was able to use the Omoplata Toe Hold at UFC 41 to defeat Tank Abbott. Since this was the only Toe Hold in the UFC, Eddie Bravo has coined this position the “Frank Mir Toe Hold”.

I personally use this move a lot. At times I even set up Omoplatas with the intention hunting for the Toe Hold. When using this variation it is important that you control the Omoplata before attacking the legs. Position before submission is always key when trying any sort of submissions. One way that I like to control the Omoplata is to use the ice pick method that Eddie Bravo uses. By doing this I can really control the upper body and then take my time with attacking the legs. If you need some help finishing the Toe Hold make sure to check out my recent article “How To Have A Killer Toe Hold”.

Want to learn the Omoplata Toe Hold, make sure to stop by the best leg crushing gym in all of the San Fernando Valley! 10th Planet Van Nuys!

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