The No Hands Pass

This month at 10th Planet Van Nuys we have been focusing on passing the half guard. The half guard is a very popular position for most 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu players. In fact the very first technique ever taught at 10th Planet Van Nuys was the basic lockdown half guard series. Knowing that most of the guys in my gym have a good half guard game, it is super important that I know how to pass the half guard.
The first pass that we are working on is the No Hands Pass. The No Hands pass is a great pass that can be used to pass either the lockdown or traditional half guard. What I really like about this pass is that you can smash and pin your opponent down. Smashing your opponent to the mat makes it very difficult for them to counter your pass. It is uncomfortable to have a shoulder driven into your face and forces you to either deal with the pain or let your opponent pass.

Coach Alder recently broke down this pass over at 10th Planet Watch. Below are his suggestions on how you can make this pass awesome.

  • Twist your opponent up! Have the knees facing 90 degrees from the torso. Don’t let his knees go towards the ceiling, you want to make sure you don’t allow him to move around.
  • Keep your head on the matt, and keep your shoulder pressure heavy. This will also keep them from being too comfortable to want to even think about a counter or escape.
  • Stay high on your opponent. Don’t let him get his hand on your hip and push you down the body. It will make it harder to get your weight down.
  • Keep your weight off to the side. Never let them control where your weight distribution goes. If your opponent can get underneath you, he can determine where he wants to take you. Keep your hips as low as possible.
  • After you pass, use shoulder pressure as to not allow your opponent to turn into you. You want to be solid like a rock. No swaying, no momentum. Also, don’t put all your weight on the mat our knee, put it on your oppoent as much as possible.
  • Always Smash, Smash, Smash!!!

There you go! The No Hands Pass! If you want to learn more about this half guard pass stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys! The top Jiu Jitsu gym in the San Fernando Valley!

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