Foot Wedge Half Guard Pass

In today’s video we are going to look at a variation of the No Hands Pass that Jason Scully refers to as the Foot Wedge. Instead of setting up this pass from the lockdown, Jason chooses to show it from the traditional half guard. Even though Jason uses the traditional half guard, this technique can still be used with the lockdown. Before going for it though you will need to unlock the lockdown. If you are not sure how to unlock the lockdown let me know! That small transition is one of my favorites and I love teaching it!

What I like about Jason’s pass is that it is very similar to the Avellan Pass. The only difference is that Jason starts from the Half Guard instead of from the open guard. If you need more info on the Avellan Pass make sure to click here.

Since you are starting from the Half Guard, it is super important that you don’t allow your opponent to be able to use his lower body. If your opponent can use his lower body, he can find ways to sweep or counter your pass. To defeat the lower body Jason talks about walking your opponent’s knees to the mat. This can be a battle of wills but once you walk the legs over the pass is yours. From there the steps become very similar to the steps of the No Hands Pass.

If you want to learn this pass I highly suggest stopping by 10th Planet Van Nuys this month. Coach Alder is sharing his variation of this pass that he uses at all levels of the game to smash and dominate his opponents!

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