Kimuras = Toe Holds??!?!?

I had a realization the other day while rolling. I tend to go for a lot of Kimuras and Toe Holds. At the time I just thought it was because I liked them or because they pop up all the time. Makes sense…Both moves can be devastating if done correctly and both moves are “Big Guy” moves. That must be it right….Wrong. After watching the video below my mind was blown. I tend to use a lot of Toe Holds and Kimuras because they are the same exact move.

I know…I know…The Kimura is a shoulder attack and the Toe Hold is a leg attack. But think about it..They both require the same hand positioning, they both have the same finishing details, and they both are twisting a part of the body. In essence they are the same movements being applied to different body parts.

In the video below grappling guru Erik Paulson breaks down how the Kimura and the Toe Hold are alike. In the video Erik shows a cool drill that can done with a stick to get some extra reps in. I really like this drill because it will help build the muscle memory necessary to become a killer at both the Kimura and Toe Hold.

Want to learn more about the Kimura and Toe Hold? Click here to check out my gym, 10th Planet Van Nuys!

Ps. See if you can catch the hidden bonus move that Paulson shows that will make you think twice about defending the Kneebar.

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