December Goal Check In

Setting goals is an important part of keeping your training focused. Even more important than setting a goal is checking in on your progress towards your goals. In the beginning of the month I shared 3 basic goals that I wanted to try and accomplish this month (click here to see the original blog post). Today I wanted to take a few minutes to check in and see if I was able to accomplish my goals.

Goal #1 I am going to attend 10 classes this month.

This month was a tough month for me injury wise. I was only able to attend 9 classes instead of 10. If I had not been injured and forced to miss a whole week I would have actually passed my goal by 3 classes. To compensate for my time out due to injury, I spent a lot of time doing tape study and analyzing recent rolls. Even though I wasn’t able to physically be in the gym, I was still there mentally.

Goal #2 I am going to continue to use the Avellan guard pass when free rolling.

Now this goal I can say I accomplished. I didn’t keep a running tally of how many times I used the Avellan Pass, but I know it had to be at least ten times. I really am liking this pass and am still finding new ways to tweak it and make it even better. After watching the Foot Wedge Pass video that I posted a few days ago I started to work this pass into my half guard passing game as well. It’s definitely one that I want to continue drilling.

Goal #3 I am going to continue to use the Hand Pressing Foot Flex when rolling.

So I semi completed this goal. I continued to use the Hand Pressing Foot Flex BUT had to learn some variations of it. Turns out I had done it and talked about it so much during the month of November that most of my training partner’s became hip to it and were trying like made to counter my movements. I still want to continue to drill this move and refine it though because I think with the proper practice, it could be one of my stronger Leg Locks.

Over the next two days I am going to set some more training goals. I really want to encourage you to set some of your own training goals. Please feel free to share your goals in the comments below.

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