Leg Lock of the Month – The Heel Hook

The Heel Hook is one of my favorite Leg Lock submissions. I have written extensively in the past about it and shared a few different set ups. This month I really want to focus on different set ups for the Heel Hook.

In today’s video Leg Lock Guru Dan Faggella shares a Heel Hook entrance from the Z guard. I really like this entrance because it’s fast and doesn’t really require any fancy foot work or body movements on my part. I also really like that this move uses my opponent’s momentum against himself. As he pushes into me, I can use his movement to pull him down into the position I need to enter the Heel Hook.

One of they keys that Dan points out is that you have to shift your movement after you slide in. One of the keys to finishing any sort of Leg Lock is to not be flat on your back. When you shoot your hips in and get into the position you are normally flat on your back so it is super important that you make sure to turn your hips over to face your opponent.

If you would like to learn more about the Heel Hook and you live in the Van Nuys/San Fernando Valley, make sure that you stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys and say hi. We have a few guys who are becoming real killers with their Heel Hooks and are always willing to share some knowledge! See you soon!

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