Failed Knee Bar to Heel Hook

Combinations…Combinations! Today I wanted to look at a leg lock combination from a failed knee bar. One of my favorite aspects of leg locks is that they chain together nicely.  With the right amount of practice it becomes very easy to switch in between ankle locks, heel hooks, toe holds, kneebars, and calf crushes. In today’s video we are going to look at a kneebar to heel hook combination.

Our video again comes from the BJJ Nerd Dan Fagella. The first thing that I want to point out is the super easy kneebar escape that Dan uses. I can honestly say I never thought of escaping the kneebar like that. Most guys of the guys in my gym never really use kneebars so I haven’t had to look to much into escapes. I really like this escape though because by rotating my knee up it takes all the pressure off of the attack….Of course though this sets up the Heel Hook.

When he talks about the heel hook, I really liked how Dan points out the importance of bringing your butt back. Doing this will prevent your partner from rolling out of the heel hook. This also puts way more pressure on the knee which makes a dangerous move DANGEROUS! Like many people have said in the past, be nice with the heel hook. It’s a super dangerous move that can really ruin someone’s day.

So that’s it for today! Time to go to 10th Planet Van Nuys and try this out! If you live in the San Fernando Valley stop by and take a class! See you on the mats!

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