Dude I Got An Awesome DVD Set!!! Now What? Part 3

By this point I have done a lot of research and note taking. Once I feel comfortable with a move, I’ll try it on the mats. If it’s a complex move like a spinning De La Riva Kneebar I’ll normally drill it a few times before going for it in a live rolling situation. If it’s a move that I think I can do in a live roll, like a variation of something I already do, I’ll try it in a live setting.  From here one of two things happens. It either works and I file it away in my arsenal or it doesn’t work and it’s time to watch the dvd again.

If my move didn’t work that means I’m probably doing something wrong. This time I sit there an compare and contrast what I did to what I am watching on my screen. Normally I’ll realize that I forget something i.e. my hand or hip placement or a key detail to the finish. I will then update my journal with the new details and go try it again on the mat. Again if I feel like it’s something that I need to drill first, I’ll drill it first. Most of the time though it’s just a small detail that I can fix while rolling live. I’ll continue this process until I feel like I can successfully pull the move off.

From there I move on in the dvd and choose a new move. I find this works for me because it allows me to focus on one thing instead of five different things. Many times when we get a new dvd it can be overwhelming to watch and learn everything. I’m suggesting that instead of trying to learn everything that we break it down into smaller segments.

Now that you know my process, what’s yours? Feel free to leave a comment below, hit me up on twitter, or stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys.com and talk to me in person!

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