The Comeback

Ahhhh the injury bug. We all catch it at some point. As I’ve talked about in the past, the worst part of the injury bug isn’t the actual injury. It’s the road back to the gym. Some guys get injured and never come back. Reality is though no matter what your injury, you can always come back and get back to where you were pre injury. Look at guys like UFC fighter Alan Belcher. At one point he thought he may never be able to fight again due to injury but just a few weeks ago he was being talked about as being a top Middleweight contender.

My training partner Michael “Tipz” Venturella made a mini documentary about his road to recovery over the past month. I recommend anyone who has ever taken some time off from jiu jitsu watch this. It’s an awesome story of a guy who was forced to take time off due to injury coming back and competing.

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