It’s Been A While Since I Posted But I Have Good News!

So it’s been a while since I posted any new content but I’m going to try and get back to posting at least 1 article or video breakdown a week. During my time off my training has been going great and I accomplished one of my goals for the year!

On February 28th I had a crazy and surreal moment. That day we had testing, which I almost skipped out on because I was “tired”, and I thought for sure I would get another strip on my blue belt. So we take the test and I pass it with flying colors. Coach Alder then started to hand out the stripes and he didn’t call my name. I’ll admit I was disappointed. I thought for sure I would get another one because I had passed another test. So Coach hands out the stripes and hands out all of the testing awards and then walks behind the counter. At this point I thought for sure one of my team mates was going to get their blue belt….Instead he pulls out one purple belt. Again I was in shock. Hmmm this was interesting. A Purple Belt….Probably for Coach Tipz who had just killed it in a blue belt only competition. Then Alder started talking… His description of the new purple belt started to sound a lot like me. Then it happened. Alder called my name and threw me my purple belt. I was in shock. Pure and utter shock. I had just become the first 10th Planet Van Nuys Purple Belt.

Of course I had to give a speech and face the takedown train complete with the side busting back body drop (I’ll try and get the video online soon. It’s freakin funny) but it was all worth it. All of the long nights, sweat, injuries, and hours spent on the mat had finally come to fruition. I accomplished my goal of getting to Purple Belt.

So what’s the moral of this story? Show up and train! If I had stayed home that day like I wanted to I would have had to wait for my purple. If I hadn’t pushed myself to drill the curriculum I wouldn’t have received passing grades on my tests. So show up and train….Who knows, one day you might get a nice Purple surprise of your own!

PS: The next day Coach Michael Lobes Frausto was awarded his purple and a few days later Uncle Richard Mattke was awarded his purple.

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