Rolling Toe Hold from Z Guard – Chris Herzog

I’ve mentioned in the past how the rolling toe hold was one of the first leg locks that I learned. When I first learned the rolling toe hold I was taught to grab the toes and then go! The rest would fall into place. Of course since then I have learned that nothing in jiu jitsu ever just falls into place. Everything that happens during a roll happens for a reason.

In the video below Chris Herzog from 10th Planet Rochester shows how to quickly hit the rolling toe hold when you are in your opponent’s Z guard. What I really like about Chris’ approach is how he rotates his body prior to rolling and keeps constant contact with his opponent. Doing this is a great way to trap the leg that you are attacking. As usual Chris has some great details so do yourself a favor and watch this video now!

For more tips on how to finish the toe hold check out my post on how to have a killer toe hold.

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