Reilly Bodycomb – Ankle Lock to Heel Hook Transition

It’s been a while since I posted what I’m working on so I wanted to post a quick update.

At this point in my jiu jitsu journey I am starting to look at how to tie leg lock submissions together. With the recent explosion of leg locks everyone is hip to when you are trying to apply a heel hook or ankle lock.  Once you reach back for the foot most jiu jitsu players now know to start playing defense.

One of the most common defensive maneuvers that people use is to roll away from the person applying the leg lock.  The person playing defense does this in an effort to try and decrease the amount of control that you have over their trapped leg. In the video below Reilly Bodycomb shows how to maintain control of the leg when your opponent starts to turn away from you. Reilly also shows a heel hook finish that you can use in case your opponent rolls all the way to the other side.

As a bonus Reilly also covers  how to set up a leg attack from the 1/2 butterfly guard. I have been playing this position a lot recently and I have to say that this may be my favorite set up from the 1/2 butterfly guard.  If you are interested in learning more about this set up I would highly encourage you to pick up Reilly’s latest DVD No Kurtka. He covers this set up in depth on the dvd set.

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