The Short Arm Scissor by Josh Barnett

This week I took a detour on my study of the front headlock and went back to watching some instructionals about the Kimura.

One of the instructionals I studied was Josh Barnett’s Championship Level Catch Wrestling.

In the instructional Barnett shows an interesting way to set up what he calls the Short Arm Scissors Double Wrist Lock.

The lock that Barnett shows is great for really trapping the arm.

In the past when I went for this I would use my free hand to grab their wrist and try and push it into the lock.

This worked sometimes. If someone was really strong it was super difficult to bring that hand in for the lock.

What I like about what Barnett shows is that he uses his elbow to push the hand in. I can see this being super helpful for getting the leverage you need to handle strong opponents.

I personally have not finished this from standard side control. Normally I have to walk around the head to get the finish.

I wonder if using Barnett’s method will help get the hand deeper which will lead to a tighter lock and quick tap.

I am going to add this to the list of things to try once I get back to training.

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