Cross Gripping from Half Guard

Have you ever watched a video, tried out a technique, and then kicked yourself for not knowing something so simple?

Well, that was me recently with an easy way to stand up from the half guard.

In the video below Bernardo Faria shows off a method of controlling the wrist from 1/2 guard that he learned from Neil Melanson.

As a Kimura guy I always attacked from this position using the bottom arm first.

Attacking with the other arm seemed like a weird concept to me… I had to give it the Instagram Bullshit test.

One of my friends and I drilled it this weekend and well… works.

Gripping across the body like this helps create a defensive frame for when they charge forward.

As mentioned in the video, gripping this way also frees up your back arm so it is easier to get to your elbow and recover guard.

It still perplexes me that sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact.

I can’t wait to try this out in a few live rolls to put it to the real test.

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