Ryan Hall – 50/50 Inverted Heel Hook

From one master of leg locks to another. If you are not familiar with Ryan Hall shame on you!!! All jokes aside, if you don't know about Ryan I suggest looking him up and checking out some of his great matches and instructional DVDs. A few years ago Ryan put out a great dvd series on the 50/50 … Continue reading Ryan Hall – 50/50 Inverted Heel Hook

Bas Rutten Inverted Heel Hook from the 50/50

Rutten Tootin It's Bas Rutten time!!!!!!! Yesterday we looked at how Rener Gracie applies the Inverted Heel Hook. Today I wanted to get another perspective on this super dangerous move. Who better to teach us than a man who used a heel hook to win three different MMA fights! Even though Bas does not mention it by name, he … Continue reading Bas Rutten Inverted Heel Hook from the 50/50

The Inverted Heel Hook

I'll admit it....I'm scared of the inverted heel hook. After watching Leg Lock master  Rousimar Palhares use the inverted heel hook you will be too. With that being said that doesn't mean that we should just avoid it like some people do. Instead we should just keep in mind that when using this move we need … Continue reading The Inverted Heel Hook