The Inverted Heel Hook

I’ll admit it….I’m scared of the inverted heel hook. After watching Leg Lock master  Rousimar Palhares use the inverted heel hook you will be too. With that being said that doesn’t mean that we should just avoid it like some people do. Instead we should just keep in mind that when using this move we need to exercise self control because when done right, this move can ruin someones day, month, or even year. So now that I have scared everyone let’s see it in action!

In the video below Rener Gracie shows off how he sets up his heel hook attack from a failed straight ankle lock. While I do not use this exact set up, I do sometimes switch from the straight ankle lock to the inverted heel hook when my opponent starts to wiggle his leg around. What I really like about this video is that Rener spends a lot of time covering the transitioning of the leg. To ensure that you can still use the heel hook it is crucial that this transfer be smooth. One key that Rener points out that I rely on is popping my hips up. By popping my hips up I throw his leg into the air. By doing this I can easily make the switch without worrying about my own body blocking the transition.

I also really enjoyed Rener’s checklist for making sure your hands are in the right spot. I never really thought of it but when you go for a heel hook your top hand does look as if you are checking your watch. Anyone looking to start using the heel hook should keep this in mind as the hand placement during the move is also crucial to successfully finishing the leg lock.

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