Ryan Hall – 50/50 Inverted Heel Hook

From one master of leg locks to another. If you are not familiar with Ryan Hall shame on you!!! All jokes aside, if you don’t know about Ryan I suggest looking him up and checking out some of his great matches and instructional DVDs. A few years ago Ryan put out a great dvd series on the 50/50 guard that anyone looking to learn 50/50 must own. It’s a great set that offers tons of resources on finishes, entrances, and sweeps that are available from the 50/50.

In the video below Ryan covers one of the most common submissions from the 50/50…the inverted heel hook. Ryan starts by first showing a basic heel hook escape. I really like how Ryan points out that in order to move your hips, you need to plant your hands on the mat. By doing this it makes your counter easier! Who doesn’t like easy?

I also really like Ryan’s breakdown of when you can uncross your feet. One of the downfalls of the 50/50 is that it’s really anyones game there. I can submit my opponent and he can submit me. I like how Ryan points out that once he commits his hands to the ground for the escape that you are now safe to uncross your feet.

I also really liked how Ryan used the spin to maneuver his legs into a perfect pinning position.   This is something that I am going to have to really drill to get the timing down. It looks awesome though because once you block your opponent’s hip, he can no longer spin.

Like I said I’m going to drill this. If you want to join me on this crazy journey of learning the 50/50 guard and inverted heel hooks, please stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys!

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