Marcelo Garcia North South Choke

This week at 10th Planet Van Nuys we are covering the north south position. In fundamentals we will be covering all of the basic control and escape positions that a fundamentally sound BJJ player will need to know. Over the next few days I will be posting some videos from various instructors that show some different attacks and escapes from this position. Staring off the party is Marcelo Garcia showing his variation on the north south choke  to Stephan Kesting. Marcelo is known for having an amazing north south choke and in the video below goes over some key details on how to finish the submissions. One key I have found in completing the submission is to make sure that you completely sprawl out on my opponent. Many people try to finish the choke and have issues with it because their body is placed to high. One general rule with this choke that I like to follow is to flatten my hips to the mat prior to starting to choke him. The lower I go the more I am able to use both my body and my arms to choke my opponent. Enjoy!

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