As Promised….

As I promised last night in my 10th Planet Van Nuys Fundamentals class, here is my mental walk through of how I set up and finish last nights kimura.  I start by transitioning from regular side control to Twister Side Control. From Twister Side Control I will sometimes bait my opponent into this move by leaving a little space in between his arm pit and my elbow. By doing this I give him an opening to slide his arm in and try and get an underhook on me. When my opponent tries to get an underhook on me I grab his wrist with my far arm and hug his arm with my near arm. I then shove his wrist to the mat on top of my near arm and lock up the kimura. My angle right now is really awkward to finish the kimura so I will need to transition. From Twister Side control I transition to side control. From side control my angle is still very awkward. I will need to transition one more time. To obtain the proper angle I switch my hips so that they are facing my opponents head. After I have switched my hips I take my front leg and stomp it over my opponents head to pin his head down. Keeping a wide base with my legs I make sure that his arm is at a perfect 90 degree angle. Once his arm is at a perfect 90 degree angle I then pull his hand back and make it touch my foot….Tap.

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