Emily Kwok – Sickle Sweep

This month in my 10th Planet Van Nuys fundamentals class we are going to be playing around with the guard postion. One of the concepts that I am teaching is the idea of what to do if your opponent stands up in your guard. This month we will be covering three simple yet effective ways … Continue reading Emily Kwok – Sickle Sweep

Controlling the Lock Down

When done right, the Lock Down can stop your opponent from moving. The goal of the Lock Down is to completely control your opponent's leg. So how can you do this? Well first off you need to establish the Lock Down (for more information on getting the Lock Down please check out my post from yesterday). So … Continue reading Controlling the Lock Down

Two Guard Passes From This Month’s Curriculum

When I first started Jiu Jitsu the double under pass was one of my favorite and highest percentage guard passes. I felt like I could really crush my opponent and control his hips with this pass. I also liked this pass because you could go slow and really control your opponent the whole time or … Continue reading Two Guard Passes From This Month’s Curriculum