High Crotch Take Down

I’ll be the first to admit my takedown game is not my strong suit. Given that I come from a pure BJJ background I would rather just pull guard and work from my back. Knowing that I am like most BJJ players Coach Alder of 10th Planet Van Nuys has started incorporating more takedowns into our monthly lesson plans.

In the video below Coach Alder breaks down the High Crotch Take Down. This takedown looked really difficult at first but now that I have put some reps in I really am starting to understand it even better. One thing that we have done in class to increase the speed and accuracy of this takedown is to add a rhythm to it. Adding a rhythm to the takedown helped me think less about the move and just do it. I still need some more reps before I will feel confident enough to pull this off but I can see this becoming part of my arsenal.

Ohh yeah and it’s on the test this month! If you have any questions or need any help make sure to hit up myself or one of the other coaches before August 29th! Everyone passes or we try try again!

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